Clean Your Pool in 5 Easy Steps


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Clean Your Pool in 5 Easy Steps

Keep your pool crystal clear all year-round!

A backyard pool needs proper and ongoing maintenance to ensure it stays clean, algae-free, and safe for friends and family to enjoy all year round.

Follow these 5 steps for simple and effective home pool maintenance.

1. Circulate the water.
Circulate the pool water for at least 8 hours per day during the swimming season and at least 4 hours per day in the off-season. Water must be circulated to properly mix the chemicals and to avoid bacteria and algae growth.

2. Bush and vacuum.
The walls and floor must be brushed and vacuumed at least once per week to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. Since swimming pools all have areas with little or no natural circulation (or circulation achieved through an automatic pool cleaner), manual brushing is vital to ensure complete cleanliness.

3. Regularly clean the filter, empty the skimmer and pump baskets.
The filter is the most important piece of pool equipment, removing both visible debris and microscopic matter. Remove material trapped in the filter by either backwashing (consult manufacturer’s guidelines) or by cleaning the cartridge filter. Clean the cartridge filter by soaking (consult specialist for solution), removing oils, scale and deeply embedded debris. Follow by hosing gently with fresh water.
The skimmer and pump basket should be emptied at least once per week – more if necessary – to protect and maximise performance of your pool’s pump and filter.

4. Test the water.
Test your water two or three times per week in the swimming season. The amount of people, pets and animals using your pool, the weather, and product application all affect pool water quality and its necessary pH balance.

5. Use the right chemicals or products.
Make sure you use products best suited to your specific pool requirements. Incorrect use of chemicals may cause long term damage to your pool, costly rehabilitation and actual harm to yourself, so be sure to consult an expert and have the right piece of mind with one your home’s most important assets.

Stay clean & clear this swimming season and talk to the team at Aqua-Power  for the pool water solutions that are right for you!

  • Circulate the water
  • Brush & vacuum
  • Regularly clean filter & empty skimmer, pump baskets
  • Test the water
  • Use the right chemicals & products