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Pool and spa supplies, home or garden pumps and irrigation – Aqua-Power

Whatever your needs, from pool supplies and chemicals, to the latest in energy-saving pumps, chlorinators and filters – Aqua-Power is there for you.

Aqua-Power has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions to your pool management needs. We also work with the industry's leading brands and products to ensure the right solution for each project, including –

Cartridge Pool Filters
A wide range of brands

A wide range of brands

Maytronics (Dolphin) Robotic Pool Cleaners
For the larger pool. Substantial savings on filter use as its completely independent of your pool pump system

Pentair (Onga)
Onga Great White Pool Cleaner

Pantera Pool Pumps

Silentflo pool pumps

Pops Group – PoolPro Products

Sand Pool Filters
A wide range of brands

Zodiac Pool Cleaners and Equipment
Zodiac (Baracuda) T3

Zodiac (Baracuda) T5

Zodiac (Baracuda) MX8

Zodiac FloPro Pumps

Zodiac FloPro e3 Pumps (energy-saving; government rebates apply)

Zodiac Baracuda Hose

Zodiac Sand Filters

Zodiac Self-Cleaning Tri-Chlorinators (including pH control) 


Domestic swimming pool filtration, chlorination and robotic cleaning
Flaxton (Sunshine Coast), Queensland

New pool owners combine careful in-store and internet research to put systems in place for hassle-free pool care, with the help of Aqua-Power

Aqua-Power supplied Dom and Lena with a Zodiac sand filter and Zodiac Tri-Large Chlorinator for use with their new swimming pool at their home in Flaxton. New to pool ownership, Dom spend considerable time on the internet researching the best options for keeping their new investment in pristine condition, with particular attention to the use of new-generation robotic cleaners.

Easy Maintenance
Increased Energy Efficiency
Lower Running Costs

Zodiac Sand Filter
Zodiac Chlorinator
Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner 

It didn't take long for Dom to discover Aqua-Power, who assisted with the demonstration and supply of a Maytronics Dolphin M4 Supreme robotic pool cleaner. Feedback is that this robotic pool cleaner does such a good job that the filtering time of the sand filter is considerably reduced.

Understandably, even the neighours are impressed, and have put a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner on their shopping list!

Domestic swimming pool filtration, chlorination and robotic cleaning

Domestic pool filtration, chlorination and Dolphin robotic cleaner, supplied by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Aqua-Power, Sunshine Coast Queensland.


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