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Lower costs and increased water efficiencies –

Increased efficiency and lower costs –

With water availability and costs going up, it's critical for every business to maximise efficiencies in sourcing and recycling one of our most precious resources – water. Learn how Aqua-Power can help.

Aqua-Power has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions to your water management needs. We also work with the industry's leading brands and products to ensure the right solution for each project, including –

Brown Bros (Lowara)

Calpeda Pumps

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Water harvesting and filtration, 24/7 Car Wash
Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast), Queensland

Reduced reliance on mains water helps this Sunshine Coast business reduce costs and get the most from every drop, with the help of Aqua-Power

The owner of the 24/7 Car Wash in Maroochydore commissioned Aqua-Power to design and install a water management system into their site to reduce their reliance on increasingly expensive mains water. The business had installed two rainwater tanks to harvest rain off the large roof area, but needed a large enough pump to replicate and replace their town supply.

Project Design, Installation and Maintenance
Franklin VR Pump
Spear Pump
Sand Spear Bore
Rain Water Harvesting Water Tanks
3,000 Litre Aerating Water Tank
Water Filtration, Carbon Filters
Water Softening
Reverse Osmosis Plant

A Franklin VR Drive-Tech 9VR6 was chosen as the main drive pump. As well as rain water, a sand spear bore was commissioned to collect the readily available underground water. This water, while plentiful, is heavily stained with tannins and requires primary treatment to remove odours and colourations before it can be used as initial wash water. The spear pump feeds water into a 3,000 litre aerating tank, where a commercial blower and air diffuser disc aerates the water on a continual 24hr cycle. Water is then pumped to the two rain water tanks when space allows.

A system of level floats allows the spear pump to only fill the tanks to a third capacity (always allowing space for rain water harvest). A new water softener was also installed to pre-treat town water for a reverse osmosis plant, which supplies spot-free rinse water.

Maintenance was supplied by Aqua-Power to replace carbon filters and new RO membranes. The busines owner is very pleased with the resultant savings on the town water bill.

Water harvesting and management, 24/7 Car Wash - Maroochydore

This water system saves on mains water costs for 24/7 Car Wash in Maroochydore, Queensland –  delivered by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Aqua-Power, Sunshine Coast Queensland.


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