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The answer is clear – when clean water and grey-water management are critical to your business, Aqua-Power is there to help.

Aqua-Power has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions to your water management needs. We also work with the industry's leading brands and products to ensure the right solution for each project, including –

Brown Bros (Lowara Pumps)

HR Products

Iplex Pipelines

Pentair (Onga)



Toro Australia


Waterco Pumps

Sunshine Coast Regional Council - Community Swimming Pools
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Clean water is essential, especially when the key stakeholder is the community. Public swimming pools at Nambour, Coolum, Caloundra, Cotton Tree and Eumundi have all benefited from water filtration repairs and maintenance delivered by Aqua-Power

Aqua-Power was commissioned by Sunshine Coast Regional Council to replace large pool pumps in their community swimming pools in Nambour and Coolum. In addition, new sand filters have also been replaced on the Coolum 'learner' swimming pool.

Pool System Refurbishment and Maintenance
Pool Pumps

Sand Filters

Aqua-Power has also engaged in repair and maintenance work at the community swimming pools in Caloundra, Cotton Tree and Eumundi.

Aqua Power and Sunshine Coast Regional Council - Coolumn Pool

Sunshine Coast Regional Council has commissioned various works to their commmunity swimming pools in Nambour, Coolum, Caloundra, Cotton Tree and Eumundi. Shown above is the swimming pool at Coolum. Projects delivered by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Aqua-Power (Sunshine Coast, Queensland).

Aussie World Fun Park (site of the "Ettamogah Pub")
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Product knowledge, design and installation expertise prove winning combinations for end users and Aqua-Power

Aqua-Power was contracted to supply and install various features for a water play area at this well-known fun park. The project involved installing an 8 kW Waterco pool pump which delivered water from the "log ride" pond. This water then supplies six random tipping buckets, and a realistic "leaking log." 

Project Design and Installation
Waterco Pump

Iplex Pipelines

The project also included a "Storm Shed" where we installed irrigation equpment which simulated rain to match the thunder and lightning show inside. Other features were a "leaking overhead tank" and a misty entrance way.

The most complex feature using a PLC, built-in house, was the 8 'Jumping Jet' deck fountains. These floor set fountains shoot a random fountain of aerated water approx 1 to 1.5 metres into the air – the patrons never work out which fountain will go off next!

Pumps were supplied by Waterco and Iplex supplied all PVC pipe, which has been beautifully painted by Aussie World staff.

Aqua Power and Aussie World Fun Park

Aussie World Fun Park, water features designed, Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Aqua-Power, Sunshine Coast Queensland.


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